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Rounford Halt N Gauge Scenic Micro Layout with Continuous Run Part 5 First Scenic Work

Rounford Halt N gauge micro layout with model scenery added
Constructing model railway layout scenery can be approached in various ways.  Sometimes I build most of the structural features, for example platforms, roads, ponds etc. before scenic scatters are added to any part of the model railway layout.  With other layouts I find it better to bring some scenic work to a semi-finished state before starting work on neighbouring areas.  If I am certain that part of the landscape should be built in a particular way, creation of that area or section can influence how I approach making the adjacent model scenery.
Crescent shaped model railway layout scenery at the front of Rounford Halt
The first areas of scenery I developed were the crescent shaped strip between the branch line and passing loop and the wedge of space behind the siding on the left at the front of the baseboard.
View over the front of the layout towards the site for the station platform
Whilst I made progress with the scenery along the front of the N gauge micro layout I started to make more detailed plans for the landscape surrounding the station halt.  It became clear that it should be possible to watch trains pass one another using the passing loop through gaps between wagons in the goods yard.  Photographs from such a vantage point could look quite nice, especially if some of the model scenery within the branch line were raised to form an attractive background.
View over the front of the micro layout towards the site for the level crossing
At this stage I decided to use a level crossing to take the road over the branch line to Rounford station halt.  I have used bridges to provide vehicle access on many of my other model railway layouts such as the one created for Hampford Halt detailed in my blog post dated 24 January 2014.  A level crossing would help to make Rounford Halt a bit different to my earlier layouts which use similar track plans such as Crowley, a OO gauge micro layout with continuous run detailed in my blog post dated 07 November 2013.  The rear right corner of the layout baseboard was a suitable site for the level crossing which I felt would be a better feature than an extra siding.  At this point I also started to plan the position and shape of a water feature which might capture the reflection of trains as they pass over the crossing.
Front right corner of Rounford Halt goods yard and sidings
I wondered if a goods shed or other large building might be at odds with the open landscape at the front of the layout and ruin the illusion of space.  I began to think that it might be better to place smaller accessories next to the siding on the right when the scenic work was complete.

Rounford Halt goods yard and sidings viewed from the front right corner
I was pleased with the general appearance of the goods yard with lots of space to create freight handling scenes.  I was also pleased with the appearance of the curved sidings leading from the passing loop.  Locomotives busy shunting could look quite nice trundling around the front of the layout.
View of the site for a crescent shaped hill within the circular branch line
A crescent shaped hill created within the branch line to the left of the station platform would allow locomotives and trains to disappear for a while before reappearing near the level crossing.  Creation of this type of scenic break would also disguise the circular nature of the layout when viewed close to track level.
Front view of space for model scenery inside the circular branch line
When viewed from the front a long hill within the branch line circuit would also hide the siding on the left of the layout at the rear.
Imitation puddles built into the scenery along the front of Rounford Halt
Model puddles next to Rounford Halt goods yard sidings
The puddles next to the sidings helped to create the appearance of wear and tear.  The puddles also offered the means to capture the reflection of trains in the passing loop or shunting locomotives as they are busy moving wagons around in the goods yard sidings.

Crescent shaped railway layout scenery within the curved passing loop
Low scenic contours with scenic scatter added
To give the landscape a realistic appearance contours and dips were created before scenic scatters were applied.  It was important to create an irregular surface over the waste ground as such areas are seldom level.
View over the front of Rounford Halt N gauge micro layout
The low model scenery behind the textured and painted goods yard helped to create a very open appearance over the front of this micro layout.  The open landscape made the 20 inch wide baseboard appear much larger when viewed close to track level.

Rounford Halt is one of my N gauge scenic model railway layouts. To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website www.brianford.co.uk.

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