Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Rounford Halt N Gauge Scenic Micro Layout with Continuous Run Part 1 Baseboard Construction

N gauge micro layout baseboard ready to mark out and add track
In the time honoured tradition when building model railways, timber offcuts plus odds and ends were used to save money wherever possible whilst creating Rounford Halt, a minimum space continuous run N gauge micro layout.
Corner of the N gauge model railway baseboard showing assembly
The railway layout baseboard was cobbled together using two pieces of 12mm thick board joined together using a strip of 6mm thick board clamped underneath.
N gauge railway baseboard joining strip and perimeter framework
Micro layouts are great for using up many short lengths of timber which tend to accumulate after doing DIY jobs in the house and garden.  The 18mm x 44mm pine framework I added around the perimeter of this N gauge layout was constructed entirely from offcuts.  A framework added around the layout baseboard prevents warping and raises it to provide space for wiring, point motors etc.  The space beneath the layout baseboard also allows the model scenery to be lowered if required.

The layout baseboard created for Rounford Halt measures 66cm x 51cm which is approximately 26 inches x 20 inches.

Rounford Halt is one of my N gauge scenic model railway layouts. To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website

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