Thursday, 6 February 2014

N Gauge Model Railway Layout Restoration Part 28 Scratch Built Trees

N gauge micro layout with scratch built model trees added
I constructed thirteen scratch built N gauge model trees for this micro layout.  I built the model trees using a variety of bright green scenic scatters to replicate the fresh, vibrant growth observed in spring and early summer.  For a coherent overall appearance the tree foliage was created using the same scenic scatters used to make the lower ground cover described in my blog post dated 03 February 2014.
View over the model railway layout with trees in the foreground and background
Most of the N gauge model trees were placed in an irregular line along one long edge of the layout baseboard with a couple also positioned at the end near the bridge.
The new N gauge model trees viewed from the platform side of the layout
The trees form a very attractive three dimensional backdrop when the model railway is viewed from the platform side and cast very realistic shadows over the layout baseboard.
N gauge branch line and bridge viewed through the scratch built model trees
When the layout is viewed from the opposite side the model trees offer many photography opportunities.

The N gauge trees were built with prototypical trunk and branch arrangements.  When placed together, the gaps between the tree trunks, branches and foliage can be used to frame N gauge locomotives and rolling stock.

The photographs show why I was very selective in placing scratch built bushes at the base of scenic contours and below track level around the model bridge.  By placing the bushes at the lower levels this kept the line of sight clear between the camera and the branch line.
Aerial view of the realistic shadows cast by the scratch built N gauge model trees
The addition of the lower ground cover, scratch built bushes and miniature trees seemed to ‘shrink’ the model scenery.  When the model scenery is almost complete it is often the case that the layout baseboard appears smaller with less space between the features.  The various layers of scenic materials served to knit together the landscape and all of the model railway components detailed in earlier blog posts.

This is one of my N gauge scenic model railway layouts. To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website

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