Tuesday, 31 December 2013

N Gauge Model Railway Layout Restoration Part 17 Creating Areas of Wear in Goods Yards

Muddy areas created around the model railway goods yard
Before applying scenic scatter to areas of the N gauge model railway layout I created muddy ruts around some of the yard edges.  A good reason for creating these simple features over areas of the model railway landscape is that the churned up muddy areas help to convey a sense of daily working activity.
Muddy ruts and puddles along the edge of the model railway goods yard
If a lorry is left out of the way of working activity it is likely to be parked at the very edge of the goods yard.  Typically this means that the wheels on one side of the vehicle are often on the grass at the edge of the tarmac or man-made surface.

If one vehicle needs to pass another in an area of limited space, there is not always time for one to wait for the other to back up.  Again this makes it necessary for one or both vehicles to be driven over grassy areas as one vehicle carefully squeezes past the other.

If there is a limited amount of space in the goods yard once freight has been unloaded, a driver of a lorry or commercial vehicle may err on the side of caution and drive over a verge rather than risk damaging items unloaded from railway goods wagons.

By creating the muddy areas in logical places over the model landscape it is possible to give the impression that such activities take place on a regular basis.  Even if no vehicles are placed on the model railway layout, by creating the effects of vehicles moving around the power of suggestion is often enough to convince the onlooker that this is a location where working activities take place.
Close up of muddy ruts and puddles on the model railway scenery
Puddles and hollows in the surface of the goods yard caused by vehicle movements coupled with the effects of winter frosts were created earlier and detailed in previous blog posts.

This is one of my N gauge scenic model railway layouts. To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website www.brianford.co.uk.

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