Friday, 27 December 2013

N Gauge Model Railway Layout Restoration Part 15 Painting and Weathering Peco NB-39 Plate Girder Bridge Sides

Peco painted and weathered NB-39 plate girder bridge sides
The Peco NB-39 plate girder bridge sides were painted before they were fixed in place.  Painting the bridge sides after fixing them in place can be very difficult as the model scenery below does not allow a brush to be used at the correct angle to paint the underside of surfaces.
Peco NB-39 plate girder bridge sides with three coats of grey paint applied
The Peco NB-39 plate girder bridge sides were painted with three thin coats of dark grey acrylic paint.  Watered down brown paint was applied as a wash over the bridge sides, then dabbed onto each individual rivet using a very thin paint brush to create a surrounding patch of ‘rust’.
Close up of rivet detail on Peco NB-39 plate girder bridge sides
Steel structures exposed to the elements eventually start to suffer surface damage as rust begins to form under the paint.  This detailing method has been used to make the N gauge bridge appear old and weathered.

This is one of my N gauge scenic model railway layouts. To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website

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