Wednesday, 27 November 2013

N Gauge Model Railway Layout Restoration Part 4 Inner Framework for Low Level Model Scenery

Screws visible over the micro layout baseboard where the inner framework was attached
I added additional wooden components beneath the N gauge model railway layout baseboard to allow me to sculpt the landscape as desired.  The top of the screws can be seen in the photograph over various parts of the layout baseboard.  Without the additional woodwork the outer framework would be very weak at the edges after using woodworking tools to create the revised scenic contours.
Inner model scenery framework attached to the baseboard and outer framework
The additional inner model scenery framework was made using 34mm x 34mm pine which left enough depth to attach a piece of plywood.  The plywood was attached at the correct depth to form the lower part of the road under the model bridge.
Screws showing where the inner framework was fixed to the baseboard and outer framework
The inner framework was screwed to the outer framework and also to the bottom of the layout baseboard.
Plywood which formed the lower level of the road under the bridge
Part of the plywood needed to be cut away to allow one of the Peco point motors to be re-attached.  Peco PL-10E point motors and PL-25 electromagnetic uncoupler units were removed whilst work to alter the model railway scenery was in progress.

At this point the inner framework was not glued in place as I needed to use a saw to remove some of the railway layout baseboard when adding the bridge.

This is one of my N gauge scenic model railway layouts. To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website

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