Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cramford N Gauge Micro Layout Model Railway Part 1

Cramford N gauge scenic model railway micro layout aerial view
I recently altered one of my old N gauge model railway designs to create a very similar but significantly improved layout.  I have chosen the name Cramford for this branch line location because many railway related features have been crammed into a very small area.  The scenic area of this N gauge micro layout measures only 60cm x 45cm.
Cramford N gauge micro layout quarry sidings and loading chute
One of the minor alterations was to the area between the two quarry sidings which has been re-designed as flat ground where N gauge road vehicles and figures may be placed.  The flat ground in this area is more logical so that access is available for workers to maintain track and perform maintenance tasks on the quarry loading chute etc.
Puddles in flat ground between Cramford quarry sidings
I took the opportunity to add puddles as described in my blog post dated 26 March 2012, the highly reflective surfaces intended to capture the reflections of N gauge locomotives, rolling stock and surrounding features in photographs.  The reflection of locomotives as they pass by whilst operating the model railway creates a little extra visual interest.
Cramford N gauge micro layout goods yard
I shortened the loading platform to enable a small yard area to be created at the front edge of this N gauge micro layout.  This allows the camera to be placed lower down to create more interesting photographs of N gauge locomotives and rolling stock.
Close up of puddles on front edge of Cramford N gauge micro layout
Again highly reflective puddles were created in this area in the hope that they will help to create interesting photographs.
Small pond on the left of Cramford N gauge model railway
The pond next to the tunnel has been created in the same way as the puddles and may also enable a few interesting reflections to be seen in photographs, though there is limited space to position the camera appropriately in this area.

Cramford is one of my N gauge scenic model railway layouts. To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website

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