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Crowley OO Gauge Scenic Model Railway Layout Part 20 Modelling Domestic Gardens

Aerial view of Crowley OO gauge model railway layout gardens
I mentioned in my blog post dated 19 July 2013, that I created the OO gauge gardens on Crowley railway layout with irregular plot shapes and areas of sloping ground.
OO gauge vegetable patch and flower borders on Crowley micro layout
I have now ‘planted’ the vegetable patch, flower beds and borders with a wide variety of scratch built OO gauge model flowers, bushes etc.

The vegetable patch has been created on a slope with rows of beetroot, lettuce and seedlings represented using various types of scatter materials.  The strip of dark brown earth represents land which has recently been dug over after a crop has been harvested and is ready to plant.  At the back of the vegetable plot next to a gooseberry bush is the usual heap of dead leaves, twigs, old garden canes etc.  Next to the lawn I have modelled raspberry canes, chives and rhubarb.
OO gauge model railway garden viewed from the bridge on Crowley
Flower beds and borders are often designed with ‘hot’ or ‘cool’ colours grouped separately.  In the garden next to the bridge I have created orange crocosmia and marigolds, red lobelia, yellow loosetrife and saxifrage plus a couple of potentilla shrubs, one yellow and one orange.
OO gauge scratch built topiary in the model gardens on Crowley
‘Next door’ I have created a topiary border along the back fence with a variety of OO gauge clipped and shaped examples of privet, box and conifers.  A red cistus broom sits between the topiary and the ‘cool’ border.  The cool colours border has spires of white campanula in one area and a collection of blue, white, purple and lilac alliums further down.
Scratch built OO gauge dianthus, poppy and delphiniums in the curved border
The curved border next to the wall has red dianthus and poppy flowers with spikes of lemon delphiniums.
Scratch built OO gauge dianthus, alysum, marigolds and dahlias
The long border next to The Railway Inn has red dianthus, yellow alysum and orange marigolds along the front with two patches of red, yellow and orange dahlias behind, separated by potentilla bushes.

As plants flower at different times, I have modelled a few of them ‘green’ representing those which have either flowered or are in bud.  These are dotted here and there in the flower beds and borders.
K&M model fir trees in Crowley model railway layout gardens
I have placed K&M model fir trees in key areas where I wished to add height without the spread associated with many types of deciduous trees.  The tapered shapes also leave more space to appreciate the OO gauge buildings and garden features.

The K&M model fir trees are ‘as bought’ but with trunk areas textured, painted and weathered to create the old, moss/lichen coated appearance.  Note that the larger deciduous K&M trees on Crowley micro layout have had their trunks expanded before detailing.  I feel that thicker trunks create a heavier, more grounded appearance but this is down to personal taste.  I find that the easiest way to create a thicker trunk is to simply wrap masking tape around the original trunk until I think it looks ‘about right’.
Aerial view of Crowley OO gauge model railway gardens
I have approached design of the OO gauge model railway layout gardens in the same way I would design a garden for myself if I owned the house that it belonged to.  I enjoy garden design in real life and so the lessons I have learned over the years have been applied during creation of the OO gauge driveways, paths, lawns etc. on Crowley micro layout.

Crowley is one of my OO gauge scenic model railway layouts.  To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website

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