Saturday, 16 February 2013

Crowley OO Gauge Scenic Model Railway Layout Part 18 Rail Built Buffer Stops Added

OO gauge Peco SL-40 Rail Built Buffer Stop
I have now added OO gauge Peco SL-40 Rail Built Buffer Stops to the end of each siding on Crowley.  The buffer stops were all assembled, painted and weathered before being fixed in position.

Before securing the buffer stops I painted the track rails at the end of each siding as described in my blog post dated 06 April 2012.

I added blobs of glue to secure the buffers to the rails, pressing foliage into the glue whilst wet.  Once the glue had dried I brushed off the excess foliage leaving realistic clumps of weeds growing here and there.
Rear of OO gauge Peco SL-40 Rail Built Buffer Stop
I can now place wagons in the sidings to take photographs without the risk of them falling off the ‘edge of the world’.

If fiddle yards were connected to sidings in the future, removal of the buffer stops should not harm the track, with only a bit of glue and paint to be removed from the rails and a little paint added here and there.

Crowley is one of my OO gauge scenic model railway layouts.  To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website

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