Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Finchley N Gauge Scenic Model Railway Layout Part 12 Basic Scenery

Aerial view of Finchley micro layout with basic scenery added
With the loading platform and access road incorporated into the model railway scenery, I was able to start work on the natural landscape.  The first stage was to apply Javis scenic scatter, fixed in place with PVA.  Once the scatter had been applied, the appearance of the model railway baseboard was transformed, a very motivating point during the construction process.
Painted and weathered rocks around the model railway pond
Scenic scatter added around the rocks and over the railway layout scenery
The rocks which were created earlier have been picked out as the scatter material was added.  The rocks add a bit of interest here and there and help to ‘frame’ the pond.  I feel that it is important to add plenty of small details around a pond as a water feature can often be one of the main focal points.  I find that without scenic development at the edges, a model pond can look unrealistic.  The damp areas surrounding a pond often encourage lush vegetation.  Tall grasses, sedges, rushes as well as bushes and trees are often to be found nearby.
Scenic scatter used to pick out the loading platform access road
The access road leading to the loading platform ramp has been detailed as the scenic scatter was applied.
Close up of muddy ruts at the edge of Finchley goods yard
The ruts created by road vehicles at the edges of yard and road areas were made before adding scenic scatter.

To see details of more scenic model railway layouts I have built visit www.brianford.co.uk.

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