Sunday, 18 March 2012

Finchley N Gauge Scenic Model Railway Layout Part 6 Third Reflection Test Photographs

Reflection of a train in glass level with the bottom of the layout baseboard
The final test photographs confirmed that the best reflections of the trains were obtained with the glass sat at the same level as the bottom of the baseboard.
Reflection of a class 08 shunter in Finchley sidings
Reflection of a class 08 shunter travelling along the branch line
Reflection of a class 08 shunter and coach on the branch line
View over passing loop and yard area taken with a camera placed on the glass
With the camera placed on the glass pond I was also able to take interesting pictures across the yard area and passing loop.  I originally wished to have the camera closer to track level when taking photographs from this location.  Unfortunately, I would then have lost some of the subject matter reflected in the pond when taking photographs from other vantage points.

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