Friday, 16 March 2012

Finchley N Gauge Scenic Model Railway Layout Part 4 First Reflection Test Photographs

Aerial view of the railway layout baseboard with glass placed in the scenery framework
I would like to say that I carefully cut a piece of glass into a pleasing shape to create the pond.  In reality I managed to hack a piece into a suitable lump.  Three of my cuts broke into curved areas to accidentally produce a very useful outline.  I now have a new glass cutter so future attempts to shape a piece of glass should result in breaks where I want them.

When preparing to take trial photographs I immediately realised that the glass needed to be raised quite substantially.  I cut the piece of 12mm waste wood down until it would fit into the scenery framework, placed the glass on top and took some trial photographs.
Glass raised 12mm in the scenery framework to study reflections
Inner face of scenery framework blocking the reflection of trains
Class 08 shunter with baseboard timber to be cut away in the foreground
My first photographs captured only a fraction of the subject matter I wanted to see reflected in the pond.  It seemed that the wood surrounding the pond needed to be cut away, sloping upwards towards the track bed.  I therefore took the model back to my workbench to remove some of the timber at the edges in the hope that this may enable me to obtain better results.

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