Wednesday, 15 February 2012

N Gauge Model Railway Layout Garden

N gauge house and garden aerial view from the front

N gauge house and garden aerial view from the rear

This recently built item is an N Gauge model railway layout garden measuring approximately 12 cm wide x 20 cm deep over the whole baseboard.

Close up of the driveway and N gauge front garden

Rear view of the N gauge model house and garden

The model garden has an area of paving effect card approximately 6.5 cm wide x 7.5 cm deep upon which to place a model house.  Cobble effect card has been used to create the driveway.  The model Workers Cottage from the PN 150 Manor Farm kit by Metcalfe Models & Toys Ltd is shown sat on the paved area which is large enough to accommodate a larger building if required.  Two finely detailed N gauge vehicles by Oxford Diecast Ltd. also sit comfortably on the model.

Close up of N gauge flower bed with pencil sharpener to illustrate scale
Flower beds running down the left of the N gauge garden

The N gauge model garden has been designed in a prototypical manner.  The sweeping curves of the lawn enabled a variety of planting opportunities with large and small model plants incorporated into the scheme.  Small model plants have been placed at the front representing saxifrage and aubrietia, with larger types of plant increasing in size towards the rear of the flower borders.  All of the individual N gauge model flowers are scratch built and applied separately.  The model flowers represent dahlias, delphiniums and foxgloves.  Scratch built conifers and topiary are also present over many areas of the model.  A pencil sharpener helps to illustrate scale, showing just how small some of the model plants are.
N gauge front garden
N gauge front garden and pencil sharpener to illustrate scale

A large scratch built N gauge model tree approximately 8 cm tall is an imposing feature in the corner of the front garden.  The model tree has realistic bark texture to all trunk and branch areas which has been carefully painted to look old and lichen covered.  Delicately structured realistic foliage has been added to the model tree in a prototypical arrangement.  There are areas of space between foliage clusters which replicates the growth habit of many types of real tree, particularly trees which have been encouraged to grow in a specific manner by the work of a skilled arborist.  A pencil sharpener again serves to illustrate the size of work in this scale.

Close up of the N gauge garden vegetable plot

N gauge garden vegetable plot

The N gauge model railway layout garden also has a substantial model vegetable plot.  The vegetable plot has a variety of crops and features represented.  There are rows of young plants which are ready to be thinned out and larger plants which could be peas, beans or chard.  Contours have been created to represent the earthing up of potatoes.  At one end of the model vegetable plot is a compost bin, an essential item for the serious gardener, sat neatly between a pair of fruit trees.

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